Data Gathering

Do you have to analyse and improve your internal or external information and material flow?#

The value stream management (VSM) tool collects, evaluates and continuously improves product and information flows. The procedure consists of three main phases (Analysis, Design and Planning). First, map and analyze the current state. Second, identify potential improvements and design future state. Third, implement improvements for a future state with less waste and a reduced lead time.

The Value Stream Management Tool can help you with that!

Are you facing the complex situation when trying to acquire machine data?#

A broad range of hardware and/or software interfaces is used (especially in older machines) and it is very complicated to derive a consistent database that describes the process. This tool explains available tools to extract data from sensors and machines. It provide a guidline to different available tools and their advantages and disadvantages and helps to understand what input on invest or knowledge/programming skills is necessary.

The Data Infrastructure Wiki can help you with that!

Do you need to find the right sensor to gather the right data?#

In modern complex plastics conversion processes there are plenty possible quality issues and different sources for each of them. Some problems can be solved by changing the process parameters. For the other problems, it is important to understand the cause and find a suitable monitoring parameter and sensor to track the quality of the process and/or product.

The Sensor Tool can help you with that!