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| [Data Infrastructure Wiki]\\%%(font-size: 16px;) The tool provides you guidance to set up a working data infrastucture| [Sensor Tool]\\%%(font-size: 16px) This tool helps you to find the right sensor to survey your process | 
|[Data Validation]\\%%(font-size: 16px) This tool guides you through the process of data validation | [Data Analytics]\\%%(font-size: 16px) Use this tool to analyse and visualise your porcess data to detect anomalies | 
| [Value Stream Management (VSM) | VSM]\\%%(font-size: 16px) You get a guidance to improve internal information and material flow for the Circular Economy | [Matrix]\\%%(font-size: 16px) Use this tool to match material requirements with material properties of recyclates. | 
| [Data Extractor]\\%%(font-size: 16px) Use this tool to extracts data PDF material data documents using Computer Vision | [Exploratory Pattern Analytics]\\%%(font-size: 16px)  Use this tool to identify simple rules between some  parameters that are predictive for a  certain target parameter |